Impact Community

The Impact Community is a melting pot of entrepreneurs, researchers, thought-leaders and "doers". We are constantly working with the organisations we have brought together to develop tangible EU funded projects. Members of the Impact Community include:


Developing and supporting cutting-edge innovations that are positioned to address Smart, Digital & Climate Neutral challenge.

City & Regional Authorities

Seeking to work collaboratively to improve the lives of citizens by piloting and deploying novel solutions to the big challenges of Smart, Digital & Climate Neutral themes.

Research Institutions

Operating at the forefront of research into the topics of Smart, Digital & Climate Neutral topics.


Working to organise and scale the rollout of Smart, Digital & Climate Neutral solutions across the EU.

Citizen Groups

Ensuring the needs and concerns of everyday people are represented in any new Smart, Digital & Climate Neutral solutions.

Community members benefit from a high-level network where exchange is facilitated, consortia are built and new ideas are discussed.

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Partner network

To support our community members, we are working with a carefully selected group of external partners that bring expertise and added value to the members of our Impact Community. These include:

Legal Experts

Bringing expertise in Intellectual Property, Smart Country Solutions, Collaboration Agreements and EU Funding Compliance.

Financial Experts

With proven track records in Equity Funding, European Investment Bank & World Bank Funding and EU-wide Tax Advice.

Project Management Experts

Covering the organisation and management of EU grant projects, organisational change and digitisation.


Clean Energy

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Sophie Glaser-Deruelle

Senior Consultant

Sophie is a mission-driven, analytic, and reliable consultant. Her focus is on the development of projects, and writing public funding bids and grant proposals for R&D. She holds an MA in International Relations and European Studies and has a strong background in SME development and enabling SMEs and Start-ups to access markets and funding.

Sophie has over 10 years of experience in EU funding and project implementation including international project development, tender and funding proposal writing, policy development, implementation, and project management. At IFE, Sophie is a Senior Consultant and Project Development expert. She aids companies in defining their R&D needs and aligning them to calls, this includes ideation and development of projects, consortium building and writing proposals for EU funding.

Olaf-Gerd Gemein

Olaf Gerd Gemein


Olaf is a passionate Serial Entrepreneur and Business Architect with a specific ambition: to be a change catalyst!

With over 30 years of practical experience in various markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Canada, he has successfully supported more than 100 projects in the ICT sector. His contributions have focused on accelerating start-up and innovation clusters, building networks, products and services from scratch, facilitating and implementing go-to-market strategies. He is frequently asked to speak at conferences and facilitate networking on smart tech topics around the world.

Peter Schottes

Peter Schottes

Eisenschmidt Consulting

Peter holds a PhD in nature science (climate impact research), worked as a project manager for software development and as a freelance consultant. He is managing director and shareholder of Eisenschmidt Consulting Crew in Kiel, Germany. He is a specialist in transformation projects and works as a sparring partner for top executives. His focus in on strategy development, digital transformation and concept development.

Peter is active as advisor for StartUps and Angel investor. At IFE he overlooks the entire process of community building, stakeholder management and is also responsible for the project kick-offs.

Alex neu

Alex Chalkley


Alex has a BSc in Mathematics, Economics & Computing and has already built a market-leading R&D Funding Consultancy in the UK from 2009 to 2019. Alex has developed funding bids, mainly in the form of R&D Grant Applications, that have secured over €60m for clients operating at the forefront of technology innovation. Venturenomix, focuses on supporting Impact Ventures by offering specialist funding related consultancy services to ambitious people seeking funding for good projects. At IFE, Alex is Managing Director and responsible for all aspects of the business, in particular recruiting, mentoring and adding value to the EU Grant Writing Consultants working on multi-million Euro EU Grant Applications.


Smart City

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Green Deal

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Open Data

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